about shanti


I'm Shanti Knight, & I'll probably cry at your wedding. I'm a second generation wedding, portrait & lifestyle photographer, available globally, with a museum habit & a big love for sauvignon blanc.

I split my time between New York City, Chicago & my native rural home in southern Indiana.  When I'm not honing my craft & taking care of my clients, you can find me sitting on a porch or a fire escape reading nonfiction or exploring by foot, whether that means taking in my adopted home of New York City 100 blocks at a time or hiking a landscape new or familiar. My Fitbit reports that I almost always exceed 15,000 steps each day, but I struggle to squeeze in as much sleep as I know need.

My photography style is intimate, joyful, classic & spontaneous. In addition to growing up in the industry, I have assisted, second shot for & received training & mentorship from more than 30 different professional photographers, mostly high-end pros in Chicago & NYC, who have informed my technique, professionalism & artistic eye. I believe in knowing my clients well, which is part of why I make engagement shoots and planning meetings a priority in every client's experience. These are opportunities for us to all get to know each other, so the images I capture on wedding days are a reflection of not just my style, but my clients' true selves.

After more than 15 years of working in the wedding photography business, I still get a thrill before every wedding. My favorite parts of weddings are the gowns and the live bands, the cultural traditions and the palpable love and affection shared, not just between the couples, but also between the families and friends who gather at these celebrations.

My clients are couples of discerning taste with an appetite for adventure. They value experiences and relationships over possessions, and believe in investing in what's enduring, beautiful, close to the heart and crafted with integrity.

I stand behind the work I do. It's my joy & my privilege to help my clients preserve the legacy of their unions.