"Shanti, I'm crying these photos are so perfect! We look our best!!! And we're so healthy!!! I am so, so, so, so, so glad we had that photoshoot!!! I am so glad we have these to remember!! Thank you for all that you do!!! You are so talented!!!  And to back it up, mom and I will be throwing some money down for these STAT!!"

- Jami Cates, March 2015


"Shanti is a bright and rising star. I worked closely with Shanti on a number of articles (including features) for a lifestyle magazine. She is a very talented and knowledgeable photographer. When on photo assignment together, I was impressed with Shanti's interpersonal skills and ability to create a level of comfort with subjects and ultimately capture a great shot that showed personality and a great sense of style."

- Jinnifer Nall, Tucker Publishing Group, December 2011


"Shanti was a smart, hardworking intern who completed every given task with diligence and enthusiasm. I never hesitated to give her assignments that went beyond standard intern jobs. I truly believe she will be an asset to any future employer."

- Elisabeth Durkin, Glamour Magazine, November 2011


"I enjoyed having Shanti in AP World History class because she picked up on the nuances of the cultures we studied, and always had interesting questions and insights. She was deeply involved in school events and students of all ages knew her and counted her as their friend. Shanti has an easy way with people of all ages because she listens to what they say, and allows herself to learn from the people she meets and the events and travels in which she takes part. Shanti is organized, well-spoken and self-confident and I would trust her to plan and carry out any size project in a timely, professional, and creative manner."

- Janet Pareja, Signature School, November 2013